Spider Robot

For no real reason other than to see if I could, I wanted to build a robot spider. This project took a small amount of my time for a few months. 3 main iterations were designed and built. All three were quadropedal designs. The first used 8 servos, 2 for each leg.

V1 spider robot CAD
V1 spider robot

The brain is an arduino nano with a shield which allows for easy wiring of the servos. Power is provided by a small 3s LiPo battery (from my RC planes). Unfortunately this first design suffered from lots of backlash in the legs. This caused it to be very flimsy and I was unable to make it walk. Could get it to do this though:

V1 spider robot moving
It tried its best

This led to version 2, which used Klann linkages and 2 continuous rotation servos.

V2 spider robot
V2 trying to walkl

The main issue with this design was motors running out of sync, causing it to flop to one side after a while. It also suffered backlash problems, due to the large amount of linkages and pivots.

The third and final (for now at least) version went back to the original design, using 8 servos to control the joints. The design was built from the ground up to be more rigid.

V3 spider robot
V3 spider robot doing squats
It can do better squats than me, although that isn't really saying much
V3 spider robot walking
Most importantly though it can actually walk
V1 spider robot CAD

I have since added a HC-06 bluetooth module, which allows the robot to be controlled through an app on my phone. More importantly, I have created created an excellent new innovation for the biscuit industry.

V3 spider robot with a biscuit